SDG16 Toolkit

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a joint, global agenda to make the world more peaceful and improve the lives of all people.

To achieve this the localisation of the SDGs is essential: it is up to governments, organisations and individuals to turn the goals into concrete actions at local and national level.

Our flowchart helps peacebuilding actors to do this by guiding you through a series of key steps. The flowchart points you towards how to develop an advocacy plan on SDGs, where to find the governmental SDG focal point in your country, how to influence key actors on SDG16+ implementation, or how to write a “ SDG 16 + shadow report." Want to know more? Get started below!

Are you familiar with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? yes no Read here Are SDGs important for conflict prevention and peacebuilding? yes no We think they are! Find out more I am aware that multiple SDGs are relevant for peace, inclusion and access to justice. yes no Read here I already use the SDGs in my peacebuilding work. yes Check out GPPAC’s advocacy toolkit for additional ideas on how to use them. no Read here Do you know what your government has done so far to implement SDG peace goals in your country? yes no Read here My government has a representative [division / agency] responsible for the implementation of the SDGs. yes I know which person / committee / ministry in my government oversees / ensures the implementation of the SDGs at country level. no Advocate for one! no idea Check here on how the SDG lead can look like and where to find out whetheryour country has one Great! Please get in touch with us if you have more information on SDG focal points / coordinators at government or UN levels, so that we could add them to our database. If you are looking for specific contacts or expertise, also make sure to reach out to us, because we might have names of individuals or organisations to help you further. In my country there is a national Civil Society Organisation (CSO) coalition which undertakes policy and coordination on the SDGs. no Have a look here for ideas on why it is useful and how a platform can be set up. no idea Find here an initial mapping of existing platforms. yes Join! Please get in touch with us to share the names of CSO focal points / coordinators, so that we can add them to our database. There is a national [sustainable] development plan, a national peace strategy or another peace / conflict prevention plan in my country. no Develop an advocacy strategy for your government to come up with a national development plan that includes SDGs and a strong focus on peacebuilding and conflict prevention. no idea Check here to see if we have found any information for your country. yes Good news - But does it include SDG 16+ and its implementation? yes no Develop an advocacy strategy for your government to come up with a national development plan that includes SDGs and a strong focus on peacebuilding and conflict prevention. My government implements the SDGs in an inclusive way, ensuring partnership of all relevant actors (including CSOs). no Start an advocacy strategy to ensure this takes place. no idea Check out the member states section of the UN SDG knowledge platform - country VNRs often indicate how the country went about coordination OR get in touch with the focal points listed in this section. yes Are you part of it? yes no We encourage you to become part of it, because it can help you to drive national and international peacebuilding policies and actions. Click here for some examples. Between 2016 and 2019, 161 countries submitted / will submit a Voluntary National Review to the UN. Is your country one of those? no Start an advocacy strategy to encourage your government to undertake a VNR and develop independent review reports yourself. no idea Check here Read it and check what is missing. yes Can CSOs influence / give input into the next review and the new national plans for SDG implementation? no Approach your government to advocate for your points in the VNR or action plan. no idea Ask the focal point or committee or CSO colleagues to find out and check this page on how others have done it. yes Find out here how this can be done and advocate for this to happen in your country. Do you know how to raise awareness about, write a civil society / shadow report on or develop an advocacy strategy for SDG 16+? yes Great! Please share your experiences, reports and recommendations with us. no Find some suggestions here. JOIN GPPAC A global peacebuilding network actively on SDGs for joint advocacy, action and learning. There are also other global or regional networks, click here for an overview.




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