Webinar: Analysis, Intervention & Dialogue. Making Sense of Conflict in the Age of Pandemic

The webinar 'Analysis, Intervention and Dialogue: Making Sense of Conflict in the Age of Pandemic,' is a virtual three-day course facilitated by our members Tatjana Popović and Jon Rudy.

The aim of this training is:

  • to highlight simple conflict analysis tools, apply them to the current health crisis at global and local levels.
  • to offer the tools to participants to test them in their own environment by analysing current situation in order to plan appropriate activities based on it.
  • to inspire dialogue among participants in order to empower each other in challenging times.
  • During the first and the second session the tools including the ABC Triangle, and 3-Ps of conflict analysis and intervention were presented. The third session was in the form of guided dialogue - dedicated to participants presenting their own analysis, then discussing it with the colleagues online. The aim was to organise interactions similar to a workshop setting.

Facilitators and participants alike applied the tools to the current situation. Between sessions, participants were asked to apply the tools to their own realities. Analysing and understanding the conflicts each is encountering during this crisis is the first step toward action in their own environments. The intention is to motivate all to be active and creative in addressing local conflicts.

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