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Peace education webinar: Anti-discrimination and Gender Expertise for School Textbooks

We are happy to announce that the second series of peace education webinars conducted by experts from GPPAC's Peace Education Working Group will start this month and is now open for registration! Our peace education experts will share their decades of experience integrating peace education into formal (schools, colleges and universities) and informal (community) education structures. Through these monthly webinars, our experts aim to assist civil society organisations, governments and donors as they develop and implement peace education regionally and country-wide.

Our peace education experts from all corners of the world have been working together to exchange information, skills, and strategies, on how best to engage and collaborate with key stakeholders to help build capacity in their education systems in association with GPPAC for 12 years.  Their combined years of experience however, tallies to more than a century! This unique group of experts include civil society, teachers, academia and representatives of Ministries of Education or relevant country-wide governmental and national education agencies, creating a global multi-stakeholder platform.

The first webinar of the second series will be given by Dr. Nina Bagdasarova, who is professor of Psychology Department at the American University of Central Asia. Dr. Nina Bagdasarova is also the author of the Manual on Gender Equality and Social Inclusion for Textbooks Authors, Designers and Experts. During this webinar, the main educational outcomes in gender equality and social inclusion will be presented along with the criteria and indicators for anti-discrimination and gender expertise/evaluation of school textbooks and learning/teaching materials.

Who can participate? Anyone interested in peace education can join us for these webinars. For the first webinar, register to join!

What language will the webinar be delivered in? In English first followed by Russian. 

What technology do I need to be able to view the webinar? We will be using Zoom for the webinar.

How do I register to the webinar? To view the webinars, you must first register here (for English). For Russian, please register here. This is free.

Date & time: 24 September 2019, Starting at 10.00 CET (English),  Starting at 12.00 CET (Russian)

About Dr. Nina Bagdasarova

Nina Bagdasarova, PhD, is a professor in the Psychology Department at the American University of Central Asia, situated in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Nina Bagdasarova has been working on peace education issues since 2001. She was a member of many expert teams developing state documents (like the Concept of Multicultural and Multilingual Education of Kyrgyz Republic) and research papers  such as the Analysis of Textbooks and Learning/Teaching Materials on Representation of Human Rights, Conflict Management and Peace Building Issues. Nina also has been working with university education programs on the topics of equality, gender, nation building and conflict resolution. She was a co-director of the three-year project in the Excellence of University Teaching Program: “Nationhood and Narratives in Central Asia: history, context and critique”. She also trains on the topics of diversity management, gender equality and conflict resolution skills, such as for officials, pedagogues, textbooks authors, designers, teachers and other professionals. Nina Bagdasarova is a member of The Experts’ Council on Inter-ethnic Relations under the President of Kyrgyz Republic. As a member of the GPPAC Peace education working group, Nina is continuing her work using international networking for mutual exchange of ideas and methodologies.

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