Women in Southern Africa

Advancing Sustainable Peace in Southern Africa through Civil Society and SADC Partnerships

Regional intergovernmental organisations (RIGOs) play a unique role in peacebuilding and sustaining peace – they have the potential to bring together the combined political and financial resources of their Member States while understanding local nuances, cross-border challenges to peace, and how to support national ownership. 

As instability grows in Southern Africa, the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) has increased its work in preventing conflicts and sustaining peace. However, SADC requires more resources, capacity and engagement from Member States to meet its conflict prevention potential. By analysing SADC’s existing frameworks and partnerships with civil society, this report suggests that strengthening relationships with civil society enhances SADC’s capacity to fulfil its role in prevention and sustaining peace. Thus, this case study will make recommendations on how to realise strong and operational partnerships between SADC and civil society on conflict prevention and sustaining peace.

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