From Local to Global

Through working with the UN, we strive to reduce the gap between local peacebuilders and global policy-makers, by engaging and facilitating exchanges among relevant actors at all levels (local, national, regional, and global).

As a network of civil society organisations from all over the world, GPPAC seeks to strengthen the link between the work that its members undertake in a diversity of local, national and regional contexts and global policy processes related to conflict prevention and peacebuilding at the United Nations (UN).

GPPAC, on the one hand, brings local experiences and knowledge to the global level. We facilitated, for example, a capacity building and advocacy visit by a representative delegation of Malian Civil Society to New York in late 2016 to argue for a people-centred and inclusive approach to security processes in Mali.

On the other hand, GPPAC also takes global policy discussions and actions of the UN to the regional and national level and the work of its members. This is often done jointly with Regional Intergovernmental Organisations, national governments and civil society actors. For example, GPPAC and its members enabled linkages between the UN framework for the Great Lakes and the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) civil society fora and enabled exchanges among all parties.

Through this work, GPPAC aims to increase access, political space and opportunities for civil society to engage with relevant global and regional stakeholders and provide input into relevant policy processes -for instance, through influencing the UN 2020 Peacebuilding Architecture Review.

At the UN we also created the Civil Society - UN Prevention Platform.

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