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Youth for Peace: Lights for Security in Kyrgyzstan

In Kyrgyzstan, youth are faced with many challenges. Here in the village of Maeka, the absence of street lighting creates insecurity for women. Elzina and Elvira wanted to change that!

Meet Elzina and Elvira. They participated in the project ‘Cameras in Hands’, a project initiated by FTI and GPPAC, which empowered youth in Kyrgyzstan. With the cameras in hands, they told their stories and were able to talk with adults. This was a challenge, as the hierarchical society didn't allow for that. They were able to address the absense of street lighting, which creates insecurity for many in the community. With a video Elzina and Elvira explained the problem and invited local authorities and decision makers to make a change. The result? Many women now feel secure at night, as there is now street lighting in the village!

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