GPPAC Kyrgyzstan project (3)

Youth for Peace: Bridging Divisions in Kyrgyzstan

In the village of Aravan in Kyrgyzstan, young people grow up in divided communities. They are used to fight each other on the streets. Melis and others challenged this and started to wonder: “why are we fighting each other?”.

Meet Melis. He is one of the participants of the project ‘ Cameras in Hands’, initiated by FTI and GPPAC. The project aims to empower youth in Kyrgyzstan. Through his story he explains how he used to fight and how his village is divided by streets into brigades. This has led to many conflicts. But after participating in our project he started to wonder: “Why are we fighting each other?”. He learned the importance of dialogue and was able to bring different people together. Now, instead of fighting, they try to understand one another through dialogue.

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