Youth Leading for Change in Sierra Leone Peace Corner

Youth Leading for Change in Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, the experiences of a brutal civil war and Ebola epidemic have led many to embrace preventative approaches. Especially youth, who have taken the lead in peacebuilding and humanitarian action. But what does that look like?

Sierra Leone only has 2,028 cases of COVID-19. The experience of the Ebola epidemic in 2014-2016, shaped how the West African nation approaches the virus. The same is true for the brutal civil war, which has led to many people wanting to maintain a culture of peace and stability in the country. In both cases, youth has been at the forefront of change. Young people have taken the lead in sensitising people on the measures to prevent COVID-19 and have brought peacebuilding and humanitarian support together. But what does this look like?

On the Peace Corner podcast, Caitríona from GPPAC sat down with Marius Kargbo, from Young Leaders Sierra Leone Network, to learn about the role they have played in helping their communities in countering fake news, accessing proper prevention information and how COVID-19 can become an opportunity to build a more peaceful world.

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