Adi Vasulevu Merewalesi Levu

Operationalising the Peace-Development-Humanitarian Nexus through the Boe Declaration in the Pacific

In 2011, the adoption of the Pacific Regional Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security (WPS) and the adoption of the Pacific Leaders Gender Equality Declaration, the Boe Declaration, the Framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific (FRDP) provide a pathway to addressing the Triple Nexus to progress commitments to an inclusive, peaceful and resilient Pacific.

Additionally, in 2015, GPPAC Pacific worked to integrate language on climate change in the Global Study on UNSCR1325 and supported the innovative – at that time – language of Security Council Resolution 2242 on the impacts of climate change and the global nature of health pandemics on the trajectory of conflict.

Now, as expressed in the consultation for the 2020 Peacebuilding Architecture Review on Gender, Climate and Peace in the Pacific, a key priority for women-first responders, faith communities and peacebuilders - is to connect all parts of the Triple Nexus and the women, peace and security agenda is a strong anchor. This is evident through our GPPAC Pacific initiatives - human security assessments, food security programmes, community dialogue, the use of innovative information and communication platforms and mainstream media.

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