Cover Photo GPPAC Annual Report 2022

GPPAC Annual Report 2022

Looking back at 2022, we proudly celebrate the remarkable efforts of our members in building peace.

At the heart of the GPPAC network lies the fundamental belief in learning from and with each other to build peace and prevent conflict. Our network is a vibrant hub and safe space where peacebuilders from diverse backgrounds come together to share their knowledge and innovative approaches. The experiences and achievements of peacebuilding efforts led by local communities serve as a source of inspiration for policymakers. These policymakers actively incorporate the knowledge and effective approaches from the GPPAC network into their policies and programs aimed at promoting peacebuilding at the local level.

Throughout 2022, we have witnessed outstanding achievements, especially in our strategic focus area of climate, peace and security. GPPAC members have enabled local communities to take the lead in addressing the interconnected challenges of climate change and peace, fostering resilience and sustainable solutions. We will continue to expand on this timely thematic program in 2023.

Moreover, GPPAC members' efforts in empowering youth and women as agents of change, amplifying their voices and paving the way for resilience and peace is truly inspiring. Delve into the pages of our annual report and witness fascinating stories that reflect the impact of our collaborative peacebuilding work.

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