Armenia Peace Education

Good Practice Guidance for Implementing Education for Peace

This webinar is part of a webinar series and includes specific examples from GPPAC's Peace Education Partners and their Ministry of Education and/or strategic education partners from a variety of countries doing this important work in the field. The series will highlight the good practices in the UNESCO – IIEP policy booklets, “Safety, Resilience and Social Cohesion: A Guide for Curriculum Developers” (Batton, J., Alama A., Sinclair, M. (2014) with additional resources provided. The webinars will be hosted by Jennifer Batton, GPPAC Peace Education Co-Chair and co-author of the policy booklets along with her co-author Dr. Margaret Sinclair of NISSEM, and special guests who will share their personal experience and answer questions.

The topics that will be covered:

  • What is it and how do we get started? (September 2020), Special Guest, Dr. Loreta Castro, Founding Director, Center for Peace Education, Miriam College (Philippines)
  • Curriculum Approaches and Textbook Renewal (October 2020) · Teacher Development (November 2020)
  • Assessment (Early December 2020)

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