Young women and men standing next to each other during a workshop

Empowering Palestinian Women’s Active Political Participation: Key Findings from Youth-led Research

The research study conducted by the Palestinian Centre for Peace and Democracy (PCPD) in 2022 offers critical insights into empowering women’s participation in political spheres and peace processes in Occupied Palestine. Grounded in the perspectives of the youth, this report highlights internal and external challenges hindering women’s political participation, proposes transformative strategies to enhance their leadership and engagement to contribute to peace in the region, and offers actionable recommendations directed at key stakeholders at the national level to foster an enabling environment for women’s active participation in negotiating peace in the region.  

Key recommendations to enable women’s meaningful participation in political spheres and peacebuilding efforts include: 

  • The Palestinian Authority must implement its commitments to the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Agenda outlined in the National Action Plan (NAP), including localising WPS principles, collaborating with women-led CSOs, promoting gender equality in decision-making, amending legal systems to address gender disparities, and initiating a gender-sensitive shift in the education system. 
  • The political parties must prioritise women’s political participation by supporting women candidates in elections and providing them with the means necessary to access resources.
  • CSOs must work towards strengthening women’s agency and decision-making capabilities. It is crucial to collaborate with local authorities, national decision-makers, and international stakeholders.
  • The media must engage in gender-sensitive reporting to raise awareness and dismantle harmful gender stereotypes in society. Establishing collaborative platforms with CSOs will help reposition perceptions around women’s political participation and representation. 

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