Webinar: Developing intercultural capability in schools

Cultural and ethnic diversity is a characteristic of most Australian schools and a key focus of education policy and curriculum. This is also true of many other countries as increasing numbers migrants and refugees seek economic security and safety.

As the shape and complexity of this diversity changes, preparing and supporting principals and
teachers with the understanding and skills necessary for creating a positive and inclusive
learning environment is critically important. Intercultural capability is mandated in the
Australian curriculum with the aim to move students beyond just knowing about cultural and ethnic diversity towards interacting and engaging with people they perceive as different from themselves. Building such learning environments is however challenging and this webinar will provide an overview of some key concepts, approaches and practical strategies for developing intercultural capability in schools. Resource links and opportunities for questions and discussion will be provided.

Who can participate? Anyone interested in peace education can join us for these webinars. Register to join!

What language will the webinar be delivered in? In English. 

What technology do I need to be able to view the webinar? We will be using Zoom for the webinar.

How do I register to the webinar? To view the webinar, you must first register here 

Date & time: Tuesday 28 April 2020, Starting at 10.00 CET 

About Dr. Gary Shaw
Dr. Gary Shaw has been a member of the GPPAC Peace Education Working Group for more than a decade and has extensive experience in presenting peace education related initiatives to national and international audiences.

Gary began his career as a secondary teacher and currently works in the education sector of the Victorian Pubic Service where he manages overseas immersion programs for middle years secondary students. He has been involved in regional, state, national and international initiatives and projects particularly related to social justice and school and community improvement. 
Gary has been involved in research related to school improvement, student wellbeing, community development and juvenile justice as a Research Fellow at The University of Melbourne. He has a Masters Degree in Education (Restorative Practices in schools) and a Ph.D. in which the focus of his thesis was the development of interculturality in schools. In 2018, Gary co-authored policy
guidelines for global citizenship education development, for the Asia Pacific Centre for Education and International Understanding.

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