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Statement on behalf of the CS-UN Prevention Platform on the Zero Draft of the Pact of the Future

Dear Chair/Moderator, distinguished representatives of Member States, civil society, 

This statement is on behalf of the CS-UN Prevention Platform. 

We would like to offer the following points for your consideration, focusing primarily on Chapter 2 of the draft Pact of the Future.

  1. The current progressive language of the Pact of the Future must be supported and protected, including references to a multidimensional aspect of poverty (para. 7), all references to climate finance (paras. 35-37), the ‘commitment to significantly reducing all forms of violence’ and ‘halving violent death rates in all societies by 2030’ (para. 51), references to ‘multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination’ (para. 106), among others. 
  2. Follow-up mechanisms for the Pact of the Future are important; however, the language should indicate that the first review during the 80th session might look at steps taken to advance implementation, with a broader review of the outcomes and progress at a later stage (for example, during the 82nd session) and that this could contribute to the thinking of what comes after 2030. 
  3. Many actions proposed and recommendations made towards the UN and the Secretary-General are not time-bound. For the Pact of the Future to have an impact, there is a need for a concrete action plan with clear timeframes to guide the implementation of the various commitments in the Pact.
  4. While the Pact of the Future serves to reinvigorate the multilateral system led by Member States, the partnership with relevant stakeholders, including local peacebuilders and civil society as per S/RES/2558, OP1 must be reiterated. The Pact should recognize the importance of considering the local context and the vital role civil society can play in advancing local solutions to global efforts in peacebuilding and sustaining peace (as per A/RES/76/305). 
  5. Language on the YPS and WPS agendas should reiterate concrete commitments made in the 2022 resolution on financing for peacebuilding (A/RES/76/305). Instead of singling out the Peacebuilding Fund in para. 67, the Pact of the Future should call for the implementation of all commitments in A/RES/76/305. We further encourage all Member States and other partners to consider increasing their contributions to peacebuilding activities in conflict-affected and fragile countries and regions, including through the investment of at least 20 percent of official development assistance, and stress the importance of multi-year, flexible and risk-tolerant funding commitments.
  6. The Pact of the Future must request the Secretary-General to conduct a detailed review of the capacity of the United Nations system to support Member States in conflict prevention. 
  7. Finally, on the 2025 PBAR, the Pact should reiterate that S/RES/2558 mandates a comprehensive review, including a detailed review of the Peacebuilding Commission's capacities and working methods in light of the recommendations annexed in its Annual Reports. 

I thank you!

This statement was delivered at the informal consultations with stakeholders on the Summit of the Future on 21 February 2024 at 10 a.m. EST.

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