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#GPPAC2024Tokyo: Where local voices shape global action

From January 22-27, 2024, our International Steering Group is gathering in Tokyo, Japan, for the first in-person meeting in almost five years!

While the term 'International Steering Group', or ISG, may sound a tad technical and, perhaps even boring, here's the exciting part: it's all about creating space for local peacebuilders from across the globe to meet and make sure that their challenges and needs are reflected in the priorities of our network.

Where the leaders of peacebuilding come together

GPPAC’s ISG is a powerhouse of local peacebuilders, each representing one of our 15 Regional Secretariats and Working Groups. They come together to discuss and determine the collective peacebuilding priorities of our network. Imagine this as a big and loud family reunion, where each member plays a crucial role in discussing and setting the stage for our collective action. As it is with family reunions, we discuss it all—the challenges, the awkward truths, and the achievements. It's a safe space where every voice matters, where diverse perspectives come together to learn from and with each other on how to tackle best the complex issues that shape our peacebuilding work.

The network approach

The ISG meeting is a testament to the fact that our network is genuinely member-led. The ISG is a dynamic space to spark inspiration and start co-creating concrete peacebuilding action. Our 15 Regional Secretariats and working groups, which are deeply rooted in local communities, are the vital link connecting unique local perspectives and insights with the broader network. They bring everything from their regions – the challenges and innovative solutions – to the forefront at the ISG, ensuring that every voice and nuance is woven into the fabric of our collective discussions. With this in mind, the ISG is a vibrant space for reconnecting, celebrating diversity, learning, collaboration, and planning our network's collective peacebuilding action.

Reflect, Adapt, Lead: The three pillars of our in-person ISG meeting

  • Reflect on 20+ years of impact: Taking a moment to reflect on peacebuilding achievements, collecting insights and lessons learned, especially in pursuit of goals outlined in our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan. This reflection is timely, coinciding with a comeback of networks at the global level!
  • Adapt to our challenges and needs: Acknowledging the ISG is about addressing the real challenges local peacebuilders face and finding solutions. We go through a vibrant loop of learning and exchange, collaboration and co-creation. This process weaves our network together and creates a sense of belonging.
  • Lead concrete peacebuilding action: The ISG is a safe and creative space for creating concrete and collective peacebuilding action. After all, few have a greater vested interest in peace than those whose lives are directly impacted by violence and conflict.

Stay tuned for insights emerging and join the conversation using #GPPAC2024Tokyo.

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