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GPPAC joins 16 Days of Activism Campaign

GPPAC joins the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign From 25 November to 10 December by raising awareness about women's active roles in conflict prevention. More specifically we highlight how peace education contributes to the prevention of violence including gender based violence.

Responding to the theme of the 2017 global campaign led by the Center for Women's Global Leadership is: "Together we can end GBV in education!" and building upon the findings in the Women Peace and Security Index 2017/2018 that the condition of women and the denial of their rights are an early indicator of future instability and conflict GPPAC saw an opportunity to emphasise the importance of peace education as a prevention mechanism that also contributes to the prevention of GBV.

According to GPPACs gender experts peace education creates safe environment inside and outside of schools - it is a powerful tool for prevention that addresses root and structural causes of conflict and violence. Peace education is key in prevention of GBV and contributes to development of peaceful and prosperous societies.

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