UN Photo Evan Schneider

Congratulations to Nobel Peace Prize winner Juan Manuel Santos

The Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict, GPPAC, congratulates Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos for being awarded the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize. We believe this is not only a recognition to the efforts of President Santos but to all Colombians who have been working for years to find a peaceful resolution to this long standing conflict.

This is specially a recognition to the victims of this violent struggle, whose needs and concerns should be at the heart of the peace process.  We hope this award contributes to revitalise the commitment of all Colombians to achieve a negotiated solution to the conflict and advance in their path to reconciliation. This requires the ability to effectively address the wounds of the past, while at the same time enabling all Colombians to build together a common project for a better future. 

The Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict will always be there to support the efforts of all Colombians to build a more peaceful, just and inclusive nation.  


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