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Globally, we bring together experts on many different themes.

Working groups


Peace Education

The GPPAC Peace Education Working Group brings together civil society, peace education practitioners, academia and representatives of Ministries of Education to build the capacity of peace educators, teachers, and civil society organisations, to lobby Ministries of Education to endorse peace education in national curricula and to exchanging materials, manuals, curricula, learning modules and lessons learned around peace education. Read more (link to one pager on the working group).

Improving Practice

The Improving Practice Working Group  is tasked with developing the capacities of network members to ensure that the principles of Human Security are practiced by CSOs in conflict prevention and peacebuilding. The experts share best practices, training materials, and organise workshops. Read more (link to one pager about the working group)

Enabling collaboration

The Enabling Collaboration Group brings together civil society organisations around relevant conflict and peacebuilding developments. The experts conduct in-depth analyses and bring together key actors to support peace building work and to prevent violent conflict.

Preventing Violent Extremism Working Group

The Preventing Violent Extremism Working Group draws on GPPAC’s conflict prevention and violent extremism knowledge. With a strong focus on human security, the experts coordinate efforts among GPPAC members and jointly develop a position on how best to approach issues concerning preventing violent extremism.

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