WOSCAP: Theoretical and Methodological Framework

The WOSCAP project’s research objective is to improve understandings of how EU civilian capabilities can facilitate peacebuilding and conflict prevention interventions and policies which are inclusive and sustainable, and provide scope for innovation.

The project follows a four-pronged operational logic: to review the EU’s past and ongoing conflict prevention and peacebuilding interventions; to reflect on the analysis of the findings; to recommend possible policy changes; and to innovate including pointing out future avenues of research. This logic is implemented through six linked Work Packages, which are organised around three categories (‘clusters’) of EU peacebuilding/conflict prevention policies: multi-track diplomacy (MTD), governance reform and security sector reform (SSR). In assessing and reflecting on EU policies, we apply five ‘cross-cutting themes’: local ownership, gender, multi-stakeholder coherence, civil-military synergies, and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

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