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Launch of the 2021 Civil Society Rome Declaration

In 2019, when SDG16 was reviewed for the first time, civil society organisations from across the globe came together to express their concern on the lack of progress towards peaceful, just and inclusive societies.  

The resulting Rome Declaration highlighted key civil society priority areas, recommendations, and an urgent call-to-action to achieve the real transformative potential of SDG16+. After finalisation and launch of the Declaration at the 2019 Rome Conference, the declaration received endorsement from over 130+ civil society organisations and networks. 

Now, in 2021, with the imminent, second review of SDG16 - which has only encountered additional setbacks due to the ongoing pandemic - civil society has revisited this original Rome Declaration. Spearheaded by Namati, CSPPS, the TAP Network, and GPPAC, a 2021 Addendum to the original Rome Declaration is now brought to the fore: A Renewed Call for Strengthening Commitments, Partnerships, and Accelerated Action for SDG16+ - 2021 Rome Civil Society Declaration on SDG16+.  

Today, we call upon all civil society organisations for your broad support in endorsing and sharing this new declaration widely within your organisation and networks, ahead of its official launch.

The 2021 Rome Addendum can also directly be endorsed by your organisation here.  

Join us for the official launch on the 7th of July during the upcoming UN HLPF 2021, by registering here.