Update: Prevention up Front

The Prevention Up Front Alliance between the networks of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflicts (GPPAC) and the World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy (WFM-IGP) started in January 2016 with an initial partner meeting. Since then the main focus has been to refine our strategic priorities at the regional and global levels for the coming five years through engagements with our networks and members. This was done through a baseline analysis, which took place between January – June 2016. The baseline analysis included three parallel process, a desk review, a survey and in-person meetings in the five priority regions; Middle East and North Africa, West Africa, East and Central Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia.   

As a result of this process, the following three strategic objectives were identified for the Prevention Up Front Alliance:

1.       Strengthening Conflict Prevention Mechanisms and Infrastructures

2.       Reducing Impunity

3.       Increasing access, political space and opportunities for civil society to engage

Capacity Development is the foundational basis of our work. Together with gender and inclusivity it also forms a cross-cutting thematic objective for the Alliance, and will be mainstreamed throughout all activities under the above objectives.

Within the regional approach of the Prevention Up Front Alliance, the alliance will focus particularly on the following countries:

Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Mali/Sahel, Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Sudan, Syria, Palestine.

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