Uniting for Peace in Northeast Asia

In November 2019, GPPAC members visited Beijing, China and Pyongyang in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, North Korea) as part of a delegation to Northeast Asia. The purpose of these two visits was to share experiences with local partners, and increase capacities for conflict analysis and understanding of the role of civil society in peacebuilding and dialogue.

GPPAC held the first-ever Conflict Analysis workshop of its kind in Pyongyang.

The delegation was comprised of representatives of the GPPAC Global and Northeast Asia Secretariats and members of GPPAC’s Improving Practice Working Group (IPWG). In Beijing, they conducted a series of activities to develop the capacities of network members and local partners in conflict prevention and peacebuilding. Seven delegates continued to Pyongyang, where the group was hosted by the Korean National Peace Committee (KNPC) as the latest in a series of learning exchanges. This formed part of GPPAC’s ongoing engagement to facilitate dialogue in Northeast Asia.

GPPAC held the first-ever Conflict Analysis workshop of its kind in Pyongyang. Activities were based on our conflict analysis field guide, developed by network members and partners, to strengthen civil society’s capacity for conflict analysis. This was attended by members of KNPC and five other local organisations, involving lively debate and interactive workshops to develop participants’ capacities for critical thinking. Through collaboration with the regional network in Northeast Asia and Working Group members, it is hoped that further opportunities for capacity development and sharing of experiences can be enhanced in GPPAC’s activities in the years to come.

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