Statement on Recent Developments in Afghanistan

Concerned about the growing insecurities in Afghanistan since the Taliban obtained control over the majority of provinces in the country, including Kabul, our network stands in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan. The GPPAC Regional network in South Asia came together to urge all actors to ensure human security of the people of Afghanistan and to prevent  further armed conflict and violence in this statement: 

Statement by the South Asian members of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC-South Asia) on Recent Developments in Afghanistan

Acknowledging the successes reached by Afghanistan in achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the recent past, and the centrality of the SDG framework for peace and development in Afghanistan;

Welcoming the statements made by Taliban leaders on several occasions reiterating their commitment to human rights and women’s education;

Recognizing the positive role played by civil society actors with multiple stakeholders on the ground in building peace in Afghanistan;

And worried about current instability and violence which is raising local, regional and international concern;

We, the members of GPPAC South Asia, express our solidarity with the people of Afghanistan at this critical moment of their history, and

  • Call on the Taliban to stand by their pledges to human security, and rights and freedom of the people of Afghanistan including women and minorities and their access to education and employment.
  • Urge the leaders in Afghanistan to engage multiple stakeholders in dialogue towards charting the future of the country and sustain the democratic gains of the past.
  • Call on the governments in the region, along with the UN and regional and global intergovernmental organizations to work together to establish peace, stability and human rights in Afghanistan.
  • Urge the regional and international actors to support the continuing work of civil society actors and peacebuilders in the country.
  • Urge all actors to ensure human security of people of Afghanistan and prevention of armed conflict and violence through dialogue and mediation.

GPPAC South Asia
Released on 24/08/2021



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