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Policy Brief: How is China Supporting Peace and Development?

In this policy brief GPPAC's former Executive Director Peter van Tuijl and GPPAC's former policy and advocacy intern Jan van Dorp take on the question how China is supporting peace and development. Based on that discussion they outline a set of concrete recommendations. In their words:

"A more nuanced understanding of China's approach to peace and development is required, particularly in the West. Rather than viewing Chinese efforts to support peace and development as a threat, they deserve to be regarded as an opportunity. In our view, continuous dialogue between Chinese and foreign policymakers is needed to ensure the prospects for improved cooperation. Ultimately, the successful integration of China into international peace and development discourse, and into effective multilateral institutions, will be of great benefit to all stakeholders involved. There is ample room for civil society collaboration and engagement with these dynamics, to contribute to a shared responsibility that can have a significant impact on preventing violence and the building prosperity of conflict-affected states, rising powers and established powers alike."

Read more in the full policy brief here.


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