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GPPAC Learning Month: Peacebuilding from where we stand

Being part of the GPPAC network means that we can lean on and learn from each other. This, in turn, empowers us to lead impactful peacebuilding action from wherever we stand in the world.

GPPAC has been a platform for the exchange of local peacebuilding expertise ever since its foundation in 2003. Over the years, local peacebuilders have explored what works well and what could be improved in conflict prevention and peacebuilding practices, so other local peacebuilders can learn from those best practices and lessons learned and adapt their peacebuilding action. That is what we call learning for impact. Because learning is essential to peacebuilding we are piloting Learning Month in September 2022!

What is GPPAC Learning Month in September about?

We are dedicating the entire month of September to learning from and with each other, to make our collective peacebuilding action stronger, more visible, and accessible! Spread across four weeks, members and interested stakeholders are invited to participate in online cross-regional learning sessions organised by GPPAC peacebuilders! During these sessions, you can explore and discuss various subjects and get to know other GPPAC members in a safe and informal setting. Let's connect!

Why is a focus on learning in peacebuilding important?

Peacebuilding is not about reinventing the wheel. It is about constantly learning from one context and adapting the learning to another. Networks such as ours are best placed to facilitate this knowledge exchange, because we act in solidarity, recognise each other’s expertise and trust each other. We feel safe to share our successes and failures (or successes in the making!). This collective learning is the fuel to strengthening our joint peacebuilding impact. 

“We are a network of locals, we share and learn from the experiences in different regions. Being part of GPPAC helps us to magnify our struggle, it becomes a protection against the local dangers we face, and allows our voices to be heard in global and regional arenas. ” - Gus Miclat, Initiatives for International Dialogue, Philippines 

How can I join Learning Month?

  • If you are a GPPAC member, you can simply participate by registering for the sessions you would like to join. You can find the full programme in the latest GPPAC-Update email, or send an email to
  • If you are not a GPPAC member, you can still participate in the sessions that are open to the wider public. You can find those sessions here. Are you interested in becoming a GPPAC member? Learn more here.

Where is GPPAC Learning Month taking place?

The majority of the learning events in September will take place online, via our Zoom platform. While this provides an excellent opportunity for us to connect across different regions, we are aware of the limitations of meeting online such as unstable internet connection. That is why we will be looking to host more in-person learning events during next year’s edition.

When is GPPAC Learning Month taking place? 

GPPAC Learning Month takes place throughout September. However, this does not mean that we reserve these few weeks for learning only! In fact, our network is meeting and organising year round global, regional and local learning events. So stay tuned and remain engaged for many more learning opportunities to come!

Where can I find the programme?

GPPAC members have received a special update with the programme. Sessions that are open to non-GPPAC members can be found here.

How is Learning Month a learning experience in itself?

This year is the first time in our history that we organise an (online) GPPAC Learning Month! This makes it a unique learning experience in itself. It really is a pilot: Where we hope to fail together, innovate together, and learn together! Share your learnings throughout September using #GPPACNetwork

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