Building Infrastructures for Peace in Africa: Lessons from Uganda, Cameroon, Ghana and Libya

Together with GPPAC Members Center for Conflict Resolution, The West Africa Network for PeacebuildingWomen in Alternative Action, and CSPPS partner Tamazight Women Movement, we are pleased to invite you to an online roundtable discussion on Building Infrastructures for Peace in Africa:  Lessons from Uganda, Cameroon, Ghana and Libya.

Infrastructures for peace comprise all institutions, mechanisms, resources, and skills that create resilience and support the peaceful resolution of conflicts to sustain peace and ensure development. A key characteristic of infrastructures for peace is the focus is on building capacities and structures within communities, countries and regions.

Such infrastructures can take a variety of forms that are reflective of contexts in individual countries. The experiences in Africa, namely Ghana, Cameroon and Uganda, offer a number of good practices in building strong and inclusive national capacities for peace and development that could be emphasised and built on. Throughout the discussion, we will unpack these good practices and highlight some models that could be replicated in other contexts, as well as outline opportunities for further improvement for infrastructures for peace.

This online roundtable will take place on Monday, 6 July |  8:30 am -10:00 am EST. To confirm your attendance please RSVP by Friday 3 July, to Johanna Hilbert.  

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