Dialogue for peace in Cameroon

Dialogue for Peace in Cameroon

The people of Cameroon are suffering, as a result of the Anglophone crisis which has been deteriorating since 2016, the spillover of Boko Haram, the CAR conflict, and the electoral violence, hundreds have been killed and half a million displaced.

The events of 2008, 2011 and 2012 have shown that guns can replace ballot boxes if we do not take care. But further violence is not inevitable: there are many steps that can be to avert further loss of life, and that can bring Cameroon to a future where peace, human security and justice prevail.

Therefore, responding to electoral violence happening in Cameroon in October 2018, Cameroonian GPPAC member Women in Alternative Action (WAA) and GPPAC called for dialogue for a peaceful and progressive Cameroon.

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